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The towel radiators from TECHNOTHERM are powerful, comfortable and safe. They are available in all common dimensions with different power performances depending on the needs of your bathroom.

Whether in large or small bathrooms - our radiators not only provide pleasant heat and warm towels in your bathroom, but are also the absolute eye-catcher due to their modern design. Make something special out of your bathroom by not only bringing warmth with our bathroom radiators. You will also benefit from their function as a towel dryer.

The models in this series not only look good in your bathroom - they also meet IPX4 protection standards and are therefore particularly suitable for use in damp rooms. The bathroom radiators are also available in different colors.

There are five types available with their respective powers:

  • Unique towel rail radiators with special heat retention - Model „HR KSB“
  • High gloss finish - Model „Chrom“
  • Practical and pleasing 'to the eye' - Model „HR“
  • Elegant and luxurious - Model „Dream“

A warm bathroom and soft and cuddly towels – feeling good at its purest.

Towel dryer DREAM black

Towel dryer DREAM white

Bathroom radiator HR DSM

Bathroom radiator HR KSB RF

Towel rail HR chrom

Towel rail HR

by TiT