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In many rooms that do not need to be permanently heated, conventional heating is uneconomical or simply too expensive. However, if you can do without the usual perfect thermal comfort created by the TTKS series, then electric direct heating units from TECHNOTHERM are the first choice. Ideal for hobby rooms, bathrooms, or home office, they quickly provide comforting warmth with controllability.

Our direct heating panel heater models are also powered by electricity. The generated heat is created by convected air circulation. This type of electric heating draws the cold air layers from the ground, heats them and releases the heated air upwards again. Once the warm layers of air cool again, they sink to the bottom of the room and the convector heater takes them in again. Get rid of high heating costs and use the efficiency of this electric panel heating - fast heating by electricity.

Regardless of whether through natural convection or through our low-noise fans, TECHNOTHERM direct heaters provide comfort through direct heat wherever you need it.

PH Slimline C

PH Ultraslim

VPS-Design white

VPS-Design black



Convector CHM

Wall convector CHM DSM

Wall convector CHM RF

Convector CPH, CPH E

Convector CVS, CVS E

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